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Kuna Glacier circa 1975

The Kuna Glacier circa 1975. It no longer looks like this.

I Ching Trigrams

"Face it Tim, we’ve broken the sky, and we will have to pay for it.", Martin Cohen

  • Quaternary Geographer
  • Professional Cartographer/Remote Sensing Analyst
  • Park Ranger
  • Database Application Developer (Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc)
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North America: 1895 - Mackinac Island to Petoskey, Michigan

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 09:35 -- scott

Mark Twain's lecture in Petoskey, Michigan. The Northern Arrow train and a note on the demise of the passenger pigeon.




Eccentricities of Genius by Major Pond

Mark Twain Day by Day, by David Fears

North America: 1895 - Buffalo to Cleveland

Mon, 07/13/2015 - 13:02 -- scott

Mark Twain travels from Buffalo, New York to Cleveland, Ohio. Along the way the video touches on the first arrival of the railroad in Dunkirk, the Erie Gauge War and the Ashtabula bridge disaster.

Exchange Street Station, Buffalo: http://ethw.org/File:New_York_Central_Railroad_Depot.jpg

Ashtabula Freight: http://www.west2k.com/ohpix/ashtabulanycfreight.jpg

North America: 1895 - Elmira to Buffalo

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 11:05 -- scott

Mark Twain, his wife Livy and daughter Clara, along with his manager Major Pond and his wife, travel from Elmira, New York to Buffalo, New York on the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad. This is the beginning of his 1895 journey around the world.

Thanks to Thomas J. Reigstad, Emeritus Professor of English SUNY Buffalo State for publishing his review of "Chasing the Last Laugh". That's how I found out that Twain went to Buffalo and not to Salamanca.

The Twain-Cable Tour Narrative

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 15:50 -- scott
It is not true that this recording was produced by enhancing wax cylinders, said to have been made in 1895, found in the vaults of the Hotel Brighton, Paris, France. The narration is derived from letters and interviews from the time of the tour. Production was done with Audacity and Kdenlive. Background maps are from Google Maps made from KLM files of railway routes of 1870 and imported into Google Earth. They are consequently 14 years out of date. Banjo music provided by the Heftone Banjo Orchestra, ogg files published under the Creative Commons ShareAlike License.

Following the Equator: Chapter XIX

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:20 -- scott
The Botanical Gardens—Contributions from all Countries—The Zoological Gardens of Adelaide—The Laughing Jackass—The Dingo—A Misnamed Province—Telegraphing from Melbourne to San Francisco—A Mania for Holidays—The Temperature—The Death Rate—Celebration of the Reading of the Proclamation of 1836—Some old Settlers at the Commemoration—Their Staying Powers—The Intelligence of the Aboriginal—The Antiquity of the Boomerang
A Live Voice Presentation Recorded at
in the virtual world of Second Life
as read by SLClemens

Following the Equator: Chapter XVIII

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:03 -- scott
The Gum Trees—Unsociable Trees—Gorse and Broom—A universal Defect—An Adventurer—Wanted L200, got L20,000,000—A Vast Land Scheme—The Smash-up—The Corpse Got Up and Danced—A Unique Business by One Man—Buying the Kangaroo Skin—The Approach to Adelaide—Everything Comes to Him who Waits—A Healthy Religious sphere—What is the Matter with the Specter?


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