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Just trying to stay alive and keep my sideburns too
Kuna Glacier circa 1975

The Kuna Glacier circa 1975. It no longer looks like this.

I Ching Trigrams

"Face it Tim, we’ve broken the sky, and we will have to pay for it.", Martin Cohen

  • Quaternary Geographer
  • Professional Cartographer/Remote Sensing Analyst
  • Park Ranger
  • Database Application Developer (Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc)
  • HTML, CSS, PHP and most recently Drupal Designer
  • Retail Grunt
  • Mark Twain Aficionado

My First Construct in SL

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 13:53 -- scott

It's been my idea to learn how to create objects in Second Life. My first attempt is a mural from a photo I took of Tenaya Lake. The mural is a construct of eleven (11) prims, or primitives. Each has a portion of the photo on it's front surface. This is referred to as a texture. You can't see it in this photo taken in a "sandbox" in SL but the lake has animated ripples. I did this using the Gimp, an open source suite of image processing utilities similar to Photoshop. The ripples can be seen when this object is viewed in SL.

Streaming audio on Second Life Achieved

Wed, 01/26/2011 - 13:02 -- scott

I'm not sure how I was finally able to enable streaming audio for Second Life, but I was. I'm glad I did because this virtual world offers a very rich selection of venues, sound tracks and live music. One of my favorites so far is Cafe Casablanca, inspired by the movie. The cafe does not actually resemble Rick's but given the possiblities in SL, it could. If you have a Second Life account you can get there with this URL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dating/217/218/23

This is from their profile:

Audio streaming on Second Life

Thu, 01/06/2011 - 00:30 -- scott

Well, so far I have not been able to get it to work on my Ubuntu (lucid) box. I've tried both the stable release as well as the beta versions from Linden Labs. I've tried the Phoenix version and Snowglobe 1 and 2. I know that my computer is capable of processing streaming audio as such programs as Rhythmbox and Totem process streams effectively. I can't afford to spend too much more time fooling with this but it seems a shame because the platform has potential for being an effective environment for communication.

Experimenting with a virtual world: My entry into SecondLife

Mon, 12/27/2010 - 11:18 -- scott

I had heard that there was legitimate academic interest in the online virtual world of SecondLife. I had previously downloaded a copy of the program but found my system to be inadequate. I now have a newer box running Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) with a NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173). There was no installation required, I simply down loaded the latest version of SecondLife for Linux and unpacked the bundle in a Desktop directory. The executable is already there.

LA River: A tributary

Sun, 12/26/2010 - 10:41 -- scott

I did a small project for a geomorphology seminar. It concerned the handling of materials that would normally be carried by a natural river system. The San Fernando Valley has a series of debris dams that catch material eroding from the surrounding hills. The canalized river system must be kept clear of this material in order to insure proper drainage of run-off to the ocean. This has implications regarding the reduction of ground water recharge as well as beach erosion.

Twas a nunatak

Sat, 12/18/2010 - 13:38 -- scott

Scene from once a nunatak
A scalloped path and glacial valley.

This is a view from the top of the Kuna Crest. Dana Meadows can be seen in the upper center portion of the photo. The glacial valley leading to Mono Pass and Parker Pass is in the upper right corner.


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