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One Pagers site developments

Fri, 01/01/2010 - 11:33 -- scott

I have expanded the application of my One Pagers site to include discussions of business locations and business types. I welcome comments, essays and other form of information to augment the utility of this site. I have been concentrating on the San Fernando Valley as this is my home and where I grew up, albeit not my favorite place on this planet. Since I do live here I would like to do what I can to improve economic conditions here so I am listing as many local businesses as I can categorized by business type.

Just put your lips together and blow...

Wed, 12/23/2009 - 20:14 -- scott

I just noticed that the Bogart/Bacall film, To Have and Have Not, is a hot search topic. I can't really imagine why. After all, it's been around for a few years now. I own a VHS copy and like all my other Bogart films it gets played every few months. I've often wondered if making the film was an attempt to duplicate the success of Casablanca. Unfortunately for that, no one has ever come close to Ingrid Bergman. I think that one stand out aspect of this film is Hoagy Carmichael. Howard Hawks knows enough to let him play his tunes all the way through.

Global Warming Redux, or who cares

Mon, 11/23/2009 - 09:02 -- scott

What follows is a brief exchange from the anthro-l email list. I'm including it here because it sums up why so little is actually being done to reduce the factors causing out current climatic changes and I believe it needs a wider audience than just the list.

Eiríkur Hafberg:
>> What has become of the modern man? Wasn't he/she/it supposed to be
>> educated? Has the education system failed? Or is the market oriented
>> media to blame for being too strong and loud and misleading? What has
>> become of the Homo sapiens sapiens (did he ever exist?)?

jan matthieu

Portland Bookends

Sun, 11/08/2009 - 22:48 -- scott

I truly love the city of Portland, Oregon but it seems Portland didn't like me much. I moved there, with my college girl friend, in March of 1978, upon taking a career job with the US Army Corps of Engineers. The position seemed an ideal fit with my recently acquired Masters in Geography. The move proved disastrous, however, for my relationship. I stayed with my new found career and she returned to Los Angeles. It's impossible to tell from this distance but I suspect my life would have been much more stable had I stayed with the relationship rather than the job.

James Bond - Quantum of Solace

Mon, 10/19/2009 - 23:42 -- scott

Daniel Craig is not James Bond and this is not really a James Bond film, only the names have been used for marketing purposes. The film has high action scene production value but low story line value. I would say that it is fun to watch, as a series of set pieces. I admit up front that Sean Connery remains my preferred Bond and From Russia with Love my favorite film from the series. This latest Bond lacks any degree of sophistication, a trait that provided most of the humor and character found in earlier Bonds.

I Ching Hexagrams

Fri, 10/09/2009 - 23:47 -- scott

I have added to my web site a spinning wheel of I Ching trigrams with the classic yin yang symbol in the center. Click the image and a random I Ching hexagram is selected and displayed in a pop-up window along with it's description and commentaries. I did this initially to practice animating gif images as well as incorporating javascript and ajax into a drupal site. I chose the I Ching because I've always found it to be a source of good advice on how to conduct myself, not as a religious tract nor as a soothsayer.


Sat, 10/03/2009 - 00:04 -- scott

I'm not particularly fond of small dogs as it's been my experience that all they do is eat piddle and poop. I was dealing with a lady today who wanted to put up a fence around her cockapoo in order to prevent it from "doing it's business" in inappropriate locations. It's been my thought that they were appropriately named creatures. Anyway, a few minutes ago I thought to lookup cockapoo and kakapoo and discovered that the name had already been taken, by a flightless parrot in New Zealand.

Critical Transitions in Nature and Society By Marten Scheffer

Sat, 09/26/2009 - 23:35 -- scott

This book was recommended by a member of the Anthro-L email list. I've subscribed to this list for more years than I can remember now. It's part of my effort to keep my brain active. This book was described as very readable with a lot of insight into the processes and conditions associated with those critical moments for life on this planet when everything changes. This link is to Google Books and not all of the book has been made available.

Web sites for handhelds and mobile phones

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 14:06 -- scott

Lately I've been developing a site for small businesses to make their presence known on the web (http://www.onepagers.net). I believe there are a large number of business with owners and managers that have little or no interest in the internet. Nevertheless they would still benefit from a web presence. My project is to create one page mini-sites that concentrate on who and what the business is about. The pages need to be effective on both large and small screens.

Home Fries

Sun, 07/12/2009 - 10:33 -- scott

I've been spending much of my time off from work emptying out and cleaning up my mothers house in Tehachapi. It's approximately 100 miles one way and I frequently stop in Mojave for breakfast. Mikes Roadhouse has been my favorite stop because they make some of the best home fries I've ever had. Unfortunately they occasionally change my order to hash browns, which are just your usual fried potatos. Well, the house is just about ready to rent out so my trips back and forth will become much less frequent. Most of the home fries I have from now on will likely come from my own home.


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