Life on the Mississippi

Life on the Mississippi: The First Part

Life on the Mississippi is the ninth book in The Oxford Mark Twain collection but the content brackets his early childhood aspirations with his eventual success as a writer, "...a scribbler of books". This particular "book", a drupal method for organizing content, contains those chapters dealing with Mark's training to be a pilot. The readings are all done by my Second Life avatar SLClemens in sessions conducted at the sim Fate Gardens in May and June of 2011.

The text and illustrations comes from the Gutenberg Project edition and what verifications I've done were from my copy of the Oxford Mark Twain edition. I have tried to spruce up the videos by editing in scenes from the Second Life readings as well as some other images found throughout the internet.

Update, July 2014: I have learned more about Audacity, so I'm working on improving the audio tracks. Also, people have expressed confusion over the Second Life video segments so I am reworking the videos to contain only the illustrations found in the first edition of the book - along with a title frame.

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February of 1857, the 22 year old Sam Clemens booked passage on the steamboat Paul Jones, piloted by Horace Bixby. By the time it reached New Orleans Sam had convinced Mr. Bixby to train him to be a riverboat pilot. Two years later, April 1859, he was. The first part of this book presents those years of training although the illustrations indicate a much younger cub than 22 years of age.