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Bridger Station - Pony Express

Named after Jim Bridger, as was Fort Bridger and Bridger. Located 10 miles from Deer Creek Station and 15 miles from North Platte Station west of Muddy Creek and north of the Old Emigrant Trail. Bridger Station Post Office was established on July 15, 1869 in Carter County. Edward D. Titus was the postmaster. It was discontinued on October 10, 1871.

The Overland Mail Company contract of 1861, as well as Bishop and Henderson, identify Bridger as the station between Deer Creek and North Platte/Fort Casper. Franzwa also specifically mentions the site as a Pony Express station and locates it on his maps. [13]

Plotted a point in Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park

42.852058410645, -106.176681518560