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Concert Hall, Buffalo, NY

I'm guessing this is the correct Concert Hall.

From http://rjbuffalo.com/BECHS/10-conce.doc

(German Young Men’s Association Building Concert Hall)
Concert Hall
16 July or 7 December 1883–25 March 1885
760–768 Main Street, sw cor Edward Street
ARCHITECT: August C. Esenwein
NOTE: Capacity of 2500 seats. Seating arrangement varied to accommodate different shows. Concert Hall occupied the upper two stories above the lobby, and had 1100 seats. The Buffalo Orpheus society moved here from Riegelmann’s Hall upon the opening in November 1883. Burned down in 1885. Buffalo Orpheus then moved to Bächer’s Halle. Replaced by a more elaborate building.
OTHER THEATRES WITH THE SAME NAME: Not to be confused with Shea’s Music Hall, with Concert Hall at 155 Main Street., or with the later Concert Halls here.
CURRENT STATUS: Empty lot and Pearl Street.

December 10 and 11, 1884

Guy Cardwell, "Twins of Genius" pp29 does not agree with this location. He claims that "The performers were in Fort Erie, Canada, on December 10 [attributed to Webster], and in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on December 12."

Image from: http://wnyheritagepress.org/photos_week_2007/teck_theater/teck_theater.htm

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