Following the Equator: Chapter I


Following the Equator: Chapter I
The Party--Across America to Vancouver--On Board the Warrimo--Steamer Chairs--The Captain--Going Home under a Cloud--A Gritty Purser--The Brightest Passenger--Remedy for Bad Habits--The Doctor and the Lumbago-A Moral Pauper--Limited Smoking--Remittance-men.

A man may have no bad habits and have worse.
--Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar.

The Clemens family leaves Paris for New York and the onset of Twains' most extensive lecture tour ever. He "had grown to hate lecturing" but if he was to settle his debts, it was necessary. Livy and Clara would accompany him on this trip. Suzy and Jean would remain with their aunt at Quarry Farm, near Elmira, New York. He would never see Suzy again.

The chapter spans a period of time from May of 1895 to about August 23, when Twain departed Victoria, Canada for Honolulu. He does not mention any of his lecture dates during this period, only to say of it "a snail-paced march across the continent, which had lasted forty days."

Much of this chapter is actually devoted to Twain's opinion on how to deal with bad habits, with examples.


Text and images from The Oxford Mark Twain and The Gutenberg Project.
Locations and dates for the most part are from Mark Twain Day By Day, a massive work by David Fears
(See notes marked MTDBD).


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