Following the Equator: Chapter X


Following the Equator: Chapter X
The Discovery of Australia—Transportation of Convicts—Discipline—English Laws, Ancient and Modern—Flogging Prisoners to Death—Arrival of Settlers—New South Wales Corps—Rum Currency—Intemperance Everywhere—$100,000 for One Gallon of Rum—Development of the Country—Immense Resources

Not about his travels but about the initial colonization of Australia with English convicts and their harsh treatment with the cat-o-nine-tails.

Twain ends on a positive note with a listing of conditions current at the time of his visit there.

New South Wales Corps

Text and images from The Oxford Mark Twain and The Gutenberg Project.
Locations and dates for the most part are from Mark Twain Day By Day, a massive work by David Fears
(See notes marked MTDBD).


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