Following the Equator - Chapter XXIV


Following the Equator - Chapter XXIV
Road to Ballarat—The City—Great Gold Strike, 1851—Rush for Australia—"Great Nuggets"—Taxation—Revolt and Victory—Peter Lalor and the Eureka Stockade—"Pencil Mark"—Fine Statuary at Ballarat—Population—Ballarat English

Mark is entranced by an altocumulous undulatus cloud show in the sky. He tells the history of the gold strike in Ballarat and the protests against the mining licensing tax. He then speaks of the refinements of Australian cities and the compact Ballarat English.


Text and images from The Oxford Mark Twain and The Gutenberg Project.
Locations and dates for the most part are from Mark Twain Day By Day, a massive work by David Fears
(See notes marked MTDBD).


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