Following the Equator: Chapter XXXII


Following the Equator: Chapter XXXII
Description of the Town of Christ Church—A Fine Museum—Jade-stone Trinkets—The Great Moa—The First Maori in New Zealand—Women Voters—"Person" in New Zealand Law Includes Woman—Taming an Ornithorhynchus—A Voyage in the 'Flora' from Lyttelton—Cattle Stalls for Everybody—A Wonderful Time.

Twain is in Christchurch, New Zealand. He learns of Maori migration legends and their artistry and puzzles over the extinction of the moa. Woman had achieved the right to vote just two years prior and he ponders their superiority over men. The American edition of his book includes a scathing expose' on the Union company that owned the ship, the Flora - a cattle scow, on which he sailed from Lyttleton to Wellington.

As a bit of an aside regarding Twain's story telling, Richard Zacks reports (pg179) that: "Clara revealed -- a bit cattily -- in her later memoir that her father was bluffing and had actually slept through the 'only shipwreck' of his life." '[Father] was disgusted to have missed the excitement, for he always loved relief from monotony in almost any form'."

Maori War Canoe Carving
A Cattle Scow
Changing Ships

Text and images from The Oxford Mark Twain and The Gutenberg Project.
Locations and dates for the most part are from Mark Twain Day By Day, a massive work by David Fears
(See notes marked MTDBD).


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