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Grande Sentinelle, Ischia

Museo Civico

On April 20, 2000 was opened to the public of Casamicciola Terme Museum in the Villa Comunale of Bellavista. The museum is built in collaboration with the National Seismic Service and represents the first public cultural structure of Casamicciola since 1883, when the oldest spa town of the 'Isle d' Ischia, was destroyed by the famous earthquake that represented the first great catastrophe of the 'post-Italy unitaria.Da here the great cultural and scientific interest for that' event where the National Seismic Service has dedicated a monumental monograph available on the Museum. The museum, however, also wants to document the "rebirth" of Casamicciola occurred in the twentieth century with beautiful photos of 'Alinari Archives and Private Archives of Nicola Monti and Michael De Luise and the need for a "third renaissance", after' Another tragic event of 24 October 1910 when all the spas were destroyed by a flood. The Museum offers visitors for the first time exhibited in a museum room of the ten oldest maps of the 'island of the 1500 and 1600 with the monograph of Prof. Dora Niola Buchner, awarded by' Accademia dei Lincei in 1986, as well as proposes the 'ancient art of pottery, which before the spa was the main resource of the country, with its last member, Francis Mennella. The Museum is attached to the 'old Geophysical Observatory on the hill each establish the Grand Sentinel in 1891 and decommissioned in 1923 and abandoned for far more than 60 years with the recovery of the "basin seismic" invented by' self-Trieste Julius Grablovitz with whom he recorded the earthquake of San Francisco in 1906 and the "Meridian Hall" where climatologist Mennnella Cristofaro, our illustrious fellow citizen, studying the climate of 'discovering that the island of Ischia is the best among those of Italian thermal resorts.

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