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Kennekuk Station - Pony Express

Merrill Mattes and Paul Henderson, experts on the Pony Express trail in this area, designate Kennekuk as the first home station from St. Joseph. [17] Most other sources agree on the name [18] but not the exact location of this station. Mattes and Henderson place it approximately forty-four miles along the trail. [19] Another source states that the Kennekuk Station stood approximately thirty-nine miles from the beginning of the trail. [20] The stage route from Atchison and the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Kearney military road combined with the trail near Kennekuk and brought much traffic to the settlement in the early 1860s. Tom Perry and his wife ran the relay station and served meals to travelers passing through. [21]

In 1931, the Oregon Trail Memorial Association, a pioneering trail marking group that formed to mark the Oregon and other western trails, placed a Pony Express stone marker in Kennekuk for this station. A granite stone west of the marker and across the road indicates the site of the relay station. [22] The stone memorial marker is one-and-one-half miles southeast of present-day Horton, Kansas. [23] As of 1991, this marker was still in place.

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