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Liberty Farm Station - Pony Express

This site is generally acknowledged to be located on the north bank of the Little Blue River, a half-mile northeast of Deweese, in Clay County. [86] In 1859, 0. Allen, in his Guide Book and Map to the Gold Fields of Kansas and Nebraska mentioned Liberty Farm as a U. S. mail station. Allen stated it was at the "Jct. of Ft. Riley Road 19 miles from Oak Grove, U. S. mail station No. 12, 1 1/2 miles east of this place." [87] Sources generally agree on its identity as a Pony Express home station, and that it was then managed by James Lemmons and Charles Emory. [88] L. & P.P. Express Co. and C.O.C. & P.P. Express Co. stagecoaches also stopped at Liberty Farm. [89] In 1864, Indians burned the station while J. M. Comstock served as stationkeeper there. The Pawnee Ranch assumed station activities after Liberty Farm burned. As late as 1960, Nebraska Monument No. 26 marked the site of Liberty Farm, and Nebraska Monument 26 1/2 identified the junction of the Fort Riley Road mentioned by Allen in his travel guide. [90]

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