B. Scott Holmes

Just trying to stay alive and keep my sideburns too

New York City, NY

Sam arrived in New York Nov. 17, 1884 and checked into the Everett House after the show in Plainfield, NJ

November 18 & 19, 1884

Sunday, November 23rd, 1884 Sam left New York for Washington D.C. Fears notes that both Twain and Cable left at this time but that is not likely as Cable would not travel on a Sunday.

February 21, 1885

Sam is interviewed during the show at Chickering Hall on 19 November 1884
"Mark Twain as Lecturer." New York World, 20 November 1884, 5 rpt. and
St Louis Post-Dispatch, 20 November 1884, 1.

This is included in "Mark Twain The Complete Interviews" by Gary Scharnhorst (#21)

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