B. Scott Holmes

Just trying to stay alive and keep my sideburns too

North America: 1895 - Cleveland to Sault Ste Marie

The Cleveland show, a balcony full of boys; Pelee Island, vineyards in Canada; Docking in Detroit; Ships of the Northern Steamship Company; Mackinac Island; Sault Ste Marie


The route mapped is based on
Northern Steamship Co. Northland. Northwest ... (with map) In all the World no trip like this Northern Steamship Co. east and west via the Great Lakes. (inset) St. Mary's River. (inset) Lake St. Clair, Detroit and St. Clair Rivers. (1909?)

Historical information from Wikipedia

Chronology: Mark Twain Day by Day by David Fears

Eccentricities of Genius by Major James Pond