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Pacific Springs is identified as a station in several sources. [57] Located approximately two miles west of the Continental Divide, Pacific Springs served as a relay station for both stage lines and the Pony Express. [58] Franzwa lists Pacific Springs in his Oregon Trail maps, but he does not identify it as any type of station. [59] The British traveler, Richard Burton, in his narrative mentioned that the stage road crossed Pacific Creek two miles below Pacific Springs, and no doubt Pony Express riders followed the same path. [60]

Pacific Springs Station (N42 20 13.0 W108 56 18.0)

Located 12 miles from the Upper Sweetwater Station and 12 miles from Dry Sandy Station. Station Tender was Botswain. A favorite camp site for emigrants ‘just over the hump.’ The water of the spring originates less than 4 miles from the Continental Divide and eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean. Here is the site of a stage and pony express station of the early 1860′s.

42.337326049805, -108.938072204590