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Philharmonic Hall, Winona, MN

January 26, 1885

The cultural life of the city of Winona was supported by the establishment of the
Winona Opera House and Philharmonic Hall. These buildings were the sites of many locally
produced plays and theatrical performances. They were also used for performances by famous
visiting artists, lecturers, and musicians who were brought to Winona by O. F. Burlingame,
the astute Impresario of the Winona Opera House. Among the prominent artists he brought to
Winona were: Lillian Russell, Sarah Bernhardt, John Philip Sousa, Helena Modjewska John
Barrymore, Eva Tanguey, and Harry Lauder. Victoria Woodhull, a spokeswoman for
Women's Rights and candidate for the presidency in the 1870's spoke on Women's Suffrage
and Female independence to a packed Philharmonic Hall in February 1874. A dispatch to the
St. Paul Pioneer described the large and enthusiastic audience which responded to her address
with frequent demonstrations of applause. Her address on women's suffrage "evoked decided
demonstrations of approval". A local newspaperman described her as, "an irreverent,
perambulating, female termagant capable of creating more mischief in a given length of time
than a state legislature can possibly enact in sixty days."

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Twenty-sixth annual convention, Minnesota State Federation of Labor at the Philharmonic Hall, Winona.

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