B. Scott Holmes

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Point plotted at the Plum Creek Massacre Cemetery site

This site is likely about ten miles southeast of Lexington, Nebraska. Sources generally agree on its identity and location as a relay station. [14] In 1859, the L. & P.P. Express Co. listed Plum Creek as a stop on its route. [15] Later the station's log structures housed a Pony Express station and stage stop, and even later a telegraph station. Indian attacks on wagon trains and stagecoaches between 1864 and 1867 led to the establishment of a small garrison of troops at Plum Creek Station. Sometime after August 1867 the station was burned and abandoned. A small cemetery near the station contains the graves of victims of an 1864 or 1865 Indian attack. [16]

40.672599792480, -99.606468200684