The Refrigerator

The Refrigerator

The old one didn't work so well any longer. The glass shelves had already been replaced once, the pull-out trays were cracked and difficult to pull out, and the lid for the butter tray was taped on with red duct tape. Home Depot had a sale on a nearly identical model Whirlpool and we are definitely constrained by size. Unfortunately, we require the door open from the right side. The side that the door hinge is normally found on. No problem, mounting holes are conveniently provided for the hinges along the left side.

The new refrigerator was delivered and the old one hauled out and loaded into the delivery truck. The doors had to be removed to get them through the kitchen door so they were already half way there to changing the sides. All looked fine. No dents or scratches, but the main refrigerator door did not form a seal when it closed. It had to be pushed in order to keep the cold inside the box. The freezer door sealed correctly, however. One of the delivery men suggested that the light switch was causing too much drag on the door but that they would send out a technician to examine it and make any adjustments that might be necessary.

Timco, the delivery company, sent out two more men to check out the install. They tried loosening and re-tightening the mounting screws but to no avail. The door refused to seal unless pushed close.

The sales associated at the Home Depot we purchased it at provided me with a phone number for appliance servicing. After navigating the phone menu, I finally arrived at the Whirlpool service center, where I sat on-hold for the obligatory 15 or so minutes. The person on the other end of the line, when they decided to pick up the line, informed me that this was not their problem. This was an install problem and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

I found this to be an unsatisfactory response and complained to several of the sales personnel in the store. Apparently this had some effect because a couple of days later I got a call from Foster's Appliance, a small business that contracts with Whirlpool for service calls. They wished to confirm a date and time for a service representative to come out and see what there was to see. He did. He told us that the door was working properly and that we shouldn't keep mayonnaise or pickle jars in the door shelves.

At this point I wanted Home Depot to simply replace the box with one with a door that closes. The appliance department supervisor was going to come out and see for himself but my wife is tired of visitors and tells me the door is beginning to get better. Oh well. So it goes...