Roughing It - Chapter 1


Roughing It - Chapter 1
My Brother appointed Secretary of Nevada—I Envy His Prospective Adventures—Am Appointed Private Secretary Under Him—My Contentment Complete—Packed in One Hour—Dreams and Visions—On the Missouri River—A Bully Boat

Sam (for he is not yet Mark Twain) is offered the job of personal secretary to his brother, who was recently appointed Secretary of Nevada. He prepares to travel west. This is a enhanced version of an earlier video. Write comments and let me know what you think about it. The video was created using dvd-slideshow and the audio recording and editing was done using Audacity.


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Submitted by scott on

I have re-recorded the audio and created a new video for this chapter. I'm using new title and end chapter graphics, the style I've been using with the Connecticut Yankee videos. I'm also been experimenting with some Gimp animation coupled with OpenShot video editor. I found a copy of the 1860 Johnson's Map of Missouri and Kansas at the Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri. I copied five sections from the map, showing the course of the Missouri River from St. Louis to St. Joseph. I then created an animated red line following the course of the river. This is used in the final eighty seconds of the video, that portion of the chapter where Mark Twain describes the journey.