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Salt Lake City Station - Pony Express

Salt Lake City Station (N40 45 58.4 W111 53 27.9) (M)

Location: NW1/4NW1/4 Section 6, Township 1 South, Range 1 East, Salt Lake Meridian approximately 9 miles from Mountain Dale.

This station, similar in construction to Brigham Young’s Beehive House, stood where the Salt Lake Tribune Building now stands, at 143 South Main. Because of recent street beautification, the monument has been moved to the south. According to Sir Richard Burton, the station was one of the better facilities along the Overland Trail for food and lodging. Horace Greeley and Mark Twain were among the guests. This was a home station for Pony Express riders. It was a long, two-story structure with a veranda in front and a large livestock yard in the rear. A granite monument with bronze plaques marks the location today.

Salt Lake City was a home station and the last station in Division Three of the Pony Express. [132] This station was listed in the 1861 mail contract as Salt Lake House. The wood frame structure, kept by A. B. Miller, stood at present 143 South Main, the site of the Salt Lake Tribune offices in 1979. [133] The Salt Lake House served as a home station for both stage lines and Pony Express riders. This building stood on the east side of Main Street, between First and Second South, in Salt Lake City. [134]

40.766201019287, -111.890998840330