B. Scott Holmes

Just trying to stay alive and keep my sideburns too

Seattle, Washington

The Twain party arrived August 13, 1895 and stayed at the Rainier Hotel.

“Mark” had a great audience in Seattle the next evening [Aug. 13]. The sign “Standing Room Only” was out
again. He was hoarse, but the hoarseness seemed to augment the volume of his voice. After the lecture he met
many of his friends and admirers at the Rainier Club. Surely he is finding out that his misfortunes are his
blessings. He has been the means of more real pleasure to his readers and hearers than he ever could have
imagined had not this opportunity presented itself [Eccentricities of Genius 220]. (MTDBD)

http://twain.lib.virginia.edu/onstage/wrldtr7.html Seattle Times August 14, 1895 and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Seattle Encounter with an Interviewer

From The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
14 August 1895

But it Does Not Irritate Him -- Talk of Cable and Lecturing

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