B. Scott Holmes

Just trying to stay alive and keep my sideburns too

St. Louis, MO

"We were six days going from St. Louis to "St. Jo."--a trip that was so dull, and sleepy, and eventless that it has left no more impression on my memory than if its duration had been six minutes instead of that many days. No record is left in my mind, now, concerning it, but a confused jumble of savage-looking snags, which we deliberately walked over with one wheel or the other; and of reefs which we butted and butted, and then retired from and climbed over in some softer place; and of sand-bars which we roosted on occasionally, and rested, and then got out our crutches and sparred over."
Roughing It

January 9 and 10, 1885 Mercantile Library Hall

Interview Southern Hotel, "Cable and Twain: The Author and Humorist Arrive in the City Today"
St Louis Post-Dispatch, 9 January 1885, p2
Included in "Mark Twain: The Complete Interviews" (#32)

"Two of a Kind, Samuel L. Clemens and George W. Cable"
St Louis Chronicle, 9 January 1885, p1 (#33)

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