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Wilgus Opera House, Ithaca, NY

Next door to the Sprague Block, on the southwest corner of State
and Tioga, stood the Wilgus Block (1868). Brothers John M. Wilgus,
an architect, and Henry L. Wilgus, a real estate dealer, built the
Wilgus Block on the site of Dwight Tavern, an early "publick
Wilcox and Porter of Buffalo designed the building. The Wilgus
Opera House, seating 1600 people, occupied the third and fourth
floors. Retail stores occupied the first floor, offices the second. The
opera house was Ithaca's main entertainment center until the Ly
ceum Theater was built on South Cayuga Street in 1893. From 1894
until 1911 (except for occasional years), the Ithaca Conservatory of
Music occupied the second and third floors of the Wilgus Block.

December 3, 1884

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