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Greetings from Scott

Sat, 03/21/2009 - 12:16 -- scott

By way of introduction, my name is Scott. I was born and raised in Southern California, raised in Reseda to be precise. Starting in my late teens and most of my twenties I spent my summers in and around Yosemite, backpacking and generally lolling around. Eventually I wrote a Masters thesis on a small portion of the park, the Kuna Crest. For a time I actually had a career in geography and worked for a large government agency. I had ideas, however, that seemed to contradict policy so I've spent the last twenty or so years working independently as a computer programmer and application developer. And, four years now selling hardware for a large retail business.

I do web development for myself and for whatever clients come my way. I've been working with PHP since PHP3. I've spent more that 16 years working with Informix, I've developed sites with PostgreSQL and now most commonly with MySQL. Recently I've been trying to get my head around Zend Framework and as can be seen here, Drupal. Welcome to my site.

Most of my projects have been for intranets and have no web presence. A few do and some can be accessed from the menu on the left. Kidsgardens is a site that has gone through a lot of changes. At one time it was a very active news source with a membership base. It has recently been redesigned using Drupal 6. I'm waiting for Nancy, the site owner, to actually start adding content. The legal forms site is a list of forms available as MS Word templates and Open Office templates. They derive from my time working on Workers' Compensation case management systems. The real estate site is what I would call a draft of an MLS based listing system. An agent friend of mine asked that I work something up. It appears that the market is such that no recent work has been done on the site and it remains a skeletal system, basic functionality with little design aesthetics.

WCMSphp is also in an early alpha stage. You can read about it by clicking on the menu link on the left.