B. Scott Holmes

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Sat, 10/03/2009 - 00:04 -- scott

I'm not particularly fond of small dogs as it's been my experience that all they do is eat piddle and poop. I was dealing with a lady today who wanted to put up a fence around her cockapoo in order to prevent it from "doing it's business" in inappropriate locations. It's been my thought that they were appropriately named creatures. Anyway, a few minutes ago I thought to lookup cockapoo and kakapoo and discovered that the name had already been taken, by a flightless parrot in New Zealand. See http://www.kakapo.net/en/index.html for more information on this bird. This bird was almost wiped out by the introduction of mammals to New Zealand. They can't fly so they are easy prey. No point to this. Only a small example of serendipity.