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I Ching Hexagrams

Fri, 10/09/2009 - 23:47 -- scott

I have added to my web site a spinning wheel of I Ching trigrams with the classic yin yang symbol in the center. Click the image and a random I Ching hexagram is selected and displayed in a pop-up window along with it's description and commentaries. I did this initially to practice animating gif images as well as incorporating javascript and ajax into a drupal site. I chose the I Ching because I've always found it to be a source of good advice on how to conduct myself, not as a religious tract nor as a soothsayer. Actually, I took the hexagram images and the tracts from the I Ching Journal module. I had already decided that I wanted a random reading generator for the I Ching when I found the module. I didn't want to use the module as is because I did not want to create 64 separate nodes for all the possible hexagrams. And, I figure that a random number generator will select an appropriate hexagram just as valid as one selected by casting pennies or counting yarrow stalks. One aspect my system misses, however, is distinguishing between young and old yin and yang lines.