The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 10


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 10
Fourth of July at Sea—Mediterranean Sunset—The "Oracle" is Delivered of an Opinion—Celebration Ceremonies—The Captain's Speech—France in Sight—The Ignorant Native—In Marseilles—Another Blunder—Lost in the Great City—Found Again—A Frenchy Scene

This chapter is apparently not a product of any letter posted to the Daily Alta California. It covers the celebration of the 4th of July on board the Quaker City, landing in Marseilles and his first dinner in France. They were rather disappointed in that their hostess spoke English. Of special interest is speculation by The Oracle on atmospheric physics and his dislike of poetry.


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I'm trying out a new program for producing slideshows, PhotoFilmStrip. I hadn't been able to get Ken Burns effects to work properly with dvd-slideshow so I starting looking around. I would like to eventually spend time looking into the possibilities of using ffmpeg directly but since time is of the essence a gui is more practical. PhotoFilmStrip appears to be pretty good. The resulting files are smaller and rendering time is faster and I can use my ogg audio files to time it. It does seem one needs to be careful about setting the duration for all input images. If the audio and video tracks don't match in length the program seems to take matters into its own hands and make adjustments when and where it wants without consulting anyone.