The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 17


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 17
War—The American Forces Victorious—"Home Again"—Italy in Sight The "City of Palaces"—Beauty of the Genoese Women—The "Stub-Hunters"—Among the Palaces—Gifted Guide—Church Magnificence—"Women not Admitted"—How the Genoese Live—Massive Architecture—A Scrap of Ancient History—Graves for 60,000

Mark Twain travels to Italy and first lands at Genoa. He's not impressed by the architecture but the women capture him. I'm trying a different slideshow program with this chapter, Imagination. It uses ffmpeg to render the slideshow and as with the other programs has problems with the color rendition of the pictures but it has a large number of transformation functions to choose from. Note the brown sky around the cathedral, the original photo has blue sky. Also, the faces in the painting of Le Moulin are blue tinged rather than flesh toned, as found in the painting. I've rendered the slideshow as a vob file. I wanted to use Theora but the individual slides would not synchronize with the sound track.


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Letter # 6 was used in this chapter "with many improvements in diction". The "is he dead?" question is found in Chapter 27. Also, this chapter (17) contains a description of "the wonderful Pallavicini Garden" which comes from Letter Number 44.