The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 20


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 20
Rural Italy by Rail—Fumigated, According to Law—The Sorrowing Englishman—Night by the Lake of Como—The Famous Lake—Its Scenery—Como compared with Tahoe—Meeting a Shipmate

Twain travels from Milan to Lake Como. He stays in the small town of Bellagio, once the site of a Roman resort. He waxes poetic over the differences between Lake Tahoe and Lake Como but his bigotry in regards to Native Americans spoils the show. Included on this page is a copy of Letter 8 of Twain's offerings to the Daily Alta California, dated September 22, 1867. It was written in July of 1867. Most of the letter applies to this chapter but the paragraphs on The Last Supper were used in chapter 19.

The slideshow is another production using the open source program Imagination. The images are from the Gutenberg Project edition as well as some from Wikipedia Commons.


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18 July SLC and companions traveled by train from Milan to Como, then by steamer to Bellagio on Lake Como.