The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 23


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 23
The Famous Gondola--The Gondola in an Unromantic Aspect--The Great Square of St. Mark and the Winged Lion--Snobs, at Home and Abroad--Sepulchres of the Great Dead--A Tilt at the "Old Masters"--A Contraband Guide--The Conspiracy--Moving Again

In this chapter we learn more about Venice, it's gondolas and it's art, "The Old Masters" and that of the Renaissance. Twain weighs in as an art critique. One area of particular interest to me is his revisiting the characteristics of what might be called the "Ugly American". "It is not pleasant to see an American thrusting his nationality forward obtrusively in a foreign land, but Oh, it is pitiable to see him making of himself a thing that is neither male nor female, neither fish, flesh, nor fowl--a poor, miserable, hermaphrodite Frenchman!"

I've again attempted to create a sort of travelogue with this slideshow using images from Wikipedia Commons along with the illustrations from this chapter of the book. I've thrown in a few other illustrations from other chapters I thought were appropriate such as that of his getting a shave, something that continues to be a series of disasters for our hero. The illustration is actually from a French shave but the sentiments are the same. The slide show was created using the open source program Imagination. The original sound track was recorded with Audacity.


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