The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 26


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 26
The Modern Roman on His Travels--The Grandeur of St. Peter's--Holy Relics--Grand View from the Dome--The Holy Inquisition--Interesting Old Monkish Frauds--The Ruined Coliseum--The Coliseum in the Days of its Prime--Ancient Playbill of a Coliseum Performance--A Roman Newspaper Criticism 1700 Years Old

This is a particularly long chapter covering several interesting topics. Twain begins by discussing the phenomena of discovery, giving several examples throughout history, and saying it confers the greatest of pleasures. He then provides a portrait of America through the ideas of an invented modern Roman. Twain then takes us on a visit to St Peters Cathedral. He is nearly over whelmed by it's size. He follows this with a discussion of the difference between Roman "barbarians" who threw Christians to the lions versus the enlightened Christians and their Inquisition. Finally, we take a tour of the Coliseum, as a monument and as a theater.

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