The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 32


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 32
At Sea Once More—The Pilgrims all Well—Superb Stromboli—Sicily by Moonlight—Scylla and Charybdis—The "Oracle" at Fault—Skirting the Isles of Greece Ancient Athens—Blockaded by Quarantine and Refused Permission to Enter—Running the Blockade—A Bloodless Midnight Adventure—Turning Robbers from Necessity—Attempt to Carry the Acropolis by Storm—We Fail—Among the Glories of the Past—A World of Ruined Sculpture—A Fairy Vision—Famous Localities—Retreating in Good Order—Captured by the Guards—Travelling in Military State—Safe on Board Again

Mark Twain and the pilgrims are all back on board the Quaker City, depart Naples, and head for Greece. They arrive at the harbor of Piraeus and are told they will be in quarantine for eleven days or they must leave. It is a great disappointment to the passengers to miss Athens and several attempt to break the quarantine. They slip ashore during the night. Twain makes the run to the Acropolis with three others and view Athens from above in the moonlight. They make it back to the ship followed by dogs and various grape growers with muskets.

I've returned to including footage from the Second Life readings as well as the illustrations from the book and selected images from Wikipedia Commons. I'm now using the open source program Openshot to produce the video. The main advantage for me is that the audio track is synced with the videos and stills during the preview, while editing. The Second Life video was recorded with recordMyDesktop and the sound track separately with Audacity. recordMyDesktop saves it's file as ogv and I am unable to incorporate this directly into the Openshot project so I convert the ogv to an avi and use that. Openshot has an export profile tailored to YouTube so I've used that option but uploaded to which in turn distributes to YouTube.


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14 Aug QC arrived at Piraeus at noon, but the passengers did not disembark; SLC and companions defied the quarantine and visited Athens that night.
15 Aug QC departed Piraeus at noon.