The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 48


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 48
Curious Specimens of Art and Architecture—Public Reception of the Pilgrims—Mary Magdalen's House—Tiberias and its Queer Inhabitants—The Sacred Sea of Galilee—Galilee by Night

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This is the reported home of Mary Magdalene, friend of Jesus. Twain was not particularly impressed. Ian Strathcarron visited this site as well:

A few miles beyond Capernaum lies the new Israeli village of Migdal on what was once the site of Magdala, and by tradition the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. It was bought by Russian Zionists in 1910, and so for an Israeli village it has some pre-independence provenance. It is in fact a very sound suburban settlement, not big enough to be called a town and not dead enough to be called a dormitory. The streets are wide, swept clean and speed bumped, the houses plentifully spaced, two-storied with copious foliage and individually designed, swimming pools sunbathe in the gardens, the children play on the streets and in the bright plastic colored playground. Even birds keep their voices down. Stultifying respectability is Migdal's message.