The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 57


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 57
The Happiness of being at Sea once more—"Home" as it is in a Pleasure Ship—"Shaking Hands" with the Vessel—Jack in Costume—His Father's Parting Advice—Approaching Egypt—Ashore in Alexandria—A Deserved Compliment for the Donkeys—Invasion of the Lost Tribes of America—End of the Celebrated "Jaffa Colony"—Scenes in Grand Cairo—Shepheard's Hotel Contrasted with a Certain American Hotel—Preparing for the Pyramids
Rear Elevation of Jack
Street in Alexandria
Viceroy of Egypt
Eastern Monarch
Moses S. Beach
Room No. 15
New York Tribune November 2, 1867

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1 Oct QC departed Jaffa, 7:30 a.m.
2 Oct QC arrived at Alexandria at sunset.