The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 6


The Innocents Abroad - Chapter 6
Solid Information—A Fossil Community—Curious Ways and Customs—Jesuit Humbuggery—Fantastic Pilgrimizing—Origin of the Russ Pavement— Squaring Accounts with the Fossils—At Sea Again

Along with Chapter 5, this chapter describes Twain's visit to the Azores. Attached is an image from the first letter of the journey to the Daily Alta California.
A note in Traveling with the Innocents Abroad by Daniel Morley McKeithan, mentions this was published August 2, 1867. The masthead of the image copy I have has the date as August 25.


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I've uploaded an improved version of this reading. The performance is the same but I've utilized additional filtering from audacity and hopefully made the slideshow more interesting.

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The party started at 10 A.M. Dan was on his ass the last time I saw him. At this time Mr. Foster was following, &
Mr. Haldeman came next after Foster—Mr. Foster being close to Dan’s ass, & his own ass being very near to Mr.
Haldeman’s ass. After this Capt. Bursley joined the party with his ass, & all went well till on turning a corner of the
road a most frightful & unexpected noise issued from Capt Bursley’s ass, which for a moment threw the party into
confusion, & at the same time a portughee boy stuck a nail into Mr. Foster’s ass & he ran—ran against Dan, who
fell—fell on his ass, & then, like so many bricks they all came down—each & every one of them—& each & every
one of them fell on his ass [MTNJ 1: 346]. Note: James Heron Foster (Colonel) (1822-1868).