The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 14


The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 14
Tom Canty wakes thinking himself back in Offal Lane but alas he finds himself in the role of Edward, King of England. Strained by the formalities of the position he discovers a new source of information in his assigned whipping boy, Humphrey Marlow. Humphrey fears there is no place for him any longer in court. Tom, grateful for this new source of information, grants him and his line the title of hereditary whipping boy and thus permanent employment. But alas, Tom still has no knowledge of the royal seal.
Le Roi est mort—vive le Roi
Wilt deign to deliver thy commands?
The First Lord of the Bedchamber received the hose
A secretary of state presented an order of the Council
The boy rose, and stood at graceful ease
tis I that take them
if your Majesty will but tax your memory yet a little further

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