The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 17


The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 17
Edward Tudor is lead out of Southwark and into the woods, thinking he is going to the aid of Miles Hendon. He finds himself again in the clutches of John Canty, now known as John Hobbs. After falling asleep in an abandoned barn, he awakes to find himself in the company of ruffians and the ragtag of English society. These people are remarking on the hardships and inhumanity of English laws. Edward jumps up and declares, as King of England, an end to such injustices. They are all amused and crown him King Foo Foo the First.
Foo-foo the First
The Ruffian Followed Their Steps
he seized a billet of wood
He was soon absorbed in thinking
A grim and unsightly picture met his eye
they roared out a rollicking ditty
whilst the flames licked upward
They begged, and were whipped at the cart's tail
Thou shalt NOT!—and this day the end of that law is come!
knocking Hobbs down with his fist
Throne him!

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