The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 18


The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 18
The King, Edward Tudor, is in the company of a group of tramps. They mean to put him to work as a beggar and a thief. He is sent into a village with another of the tramps and is set the task of decoy. He does not cooperate but instead informs on his tramp companion who is then chased out of town with Edward escaping in the other direction. He eventually finds sleep and the companionship of a young calf in a drafty barn in a storm.
The Prince with the Tramps
The Troop of Vagabonds set forward
They threw bones and vegetables
Began to writhe and wallow in the dirt
The King Fled in the Opposite Direction
He Stumbled Along
What Seemed to be a Warm Rope
Cuddled Up to the Calf

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