The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 23


The Prince and the Pauper - Chapter 23
The King is led before the justice of the peace to answer for the theft of the woman's bundle, a plump little dressed pig. The pig is said to be worth three shillings and eightpence and the theft of anything worth more than thirteenpence ha'penny is punishable by hanging. The woman cannot bear the thought of hanging Edward so she changes the value to eightpence. The king is sentence to jail and a public flogging. As the woman leaves the courtroom the constable follows and proposes to buy the pig for the eightpence. She balks but he threatens her with a charge of perjury. She agrees and departs in tears. Miles Hendon has overheard this transaction, however.
The Prince a Prisoner
Gently, Good Friend
She Sprang To Her Feet

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