Roughing It - Chapter 10


Roughing It - Chapter 10
History of Slade—A Proposed Fist-fight—Encounter with Jules—Paradise of Outlaws—Slade as Superintendent—As Executioner—A Doomed Whisky Seller—A Prisoner—A Wife's Bravery—An Ancient Enemy Captured—Enjoying a Luxury--Hob-nobbing with Slade—Too Polite—A Happy Escape

We are introduced to a rather notorious Division Agent, Slade. His adventures related here were perhaps too violent for some of the attending audience at this reading. Several vanished before it was through.


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According to an Supplement to the on-line edition of Roughing It at the Mark Twain project, Sam Clemens and Orion had breakfast with Slade at the Rocky Ridge Station, just east of South Pass. Apparently they did not know anything about him at that time. Consequently, Twain's colorful narrative about the last cup of coffee is fiction.