Roughing It - Chapter 12


Roughing It - Chapter 12
A Mormon Emigrant Train—The Heart of the Rocky Mountains—Pure Saleratus—A Natural Ice-House—An Entire Inhabitant—In Sight of "Eternal Snow"—The South Pass—The Parting Streams—An Unreliable Letter Carrier—Meeting of Old Friends—A Spoiled Watermelon—Down the Mountain- -A Scene of Desolation—Lost in the Dark—Unnecessary Advice—U.S. Troops and Indians—Sublime Spectacle—Another Delusion Dispelled—Among the Angels

Mark enters into the Rocky Mountains on their way to Salt Lake City. His descriptions of the scenery are enough to recommend this chapter.


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Submitted by scott on

The location relative to the other stations appears to be in error. The Expedition Utah provided the coordinates that I plotted but it appears to be too close to the Pacific Springs Station.

I have found the location of the station, if it actually is the burnt ranch site. It shows up on Google Earth and I have corrected the point on my map.