Roughing It - Chapter 17


Roughing It - Chapter 17
Three Sides to all Questions—Everything "A Quarter"—Shriveled Up—Emigrants and White Shirts at a Discount—"Forty-Niners"—Above Par—Real Happiness

Mark and company depart Salt Lake City with many questions left unanswered. Of particular interest is just who was responsible for the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The party arrives in Overland City and find they need to adjust to the local prices.


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Mark Twain and company hit the road again in this chapter, traveling from Salt Lake City and arriving at Camp Floyd. Camp Floyd is actually first mentioned at the beginning of chapter 18. I have included a brief Google Earth tour in the accompanying YouTube video. I had been using recordMyDesktop to capture the animation but that program outputs an ogv that OpenShot cannot handle. I like ogv but I also like using OpenShot so I switched to xvidCap for this video. I was able to output to mpeg4 at 20 fps. It would be nice to be able to present an image as clear as the actual Google Earth tour but this is at least passable. Don't stumble on the vertical exaggeration.