Roughing It - Chapter 21


Roughing It - Chapter 21
Alkali Dust—Desolation and Contemplation—Carson City—Our Journey Ended—We are Introduced to Several Citizens—A Strange Rebuke—A Washoe Zephyr at Play—Its Office Hours—Governor's Palace—Government Offices—Our French Landlady Bridget O'Flannigan—Shadow Secrets—Cause for a Disturbance at Once—The Irish Brigade—Mrs. O'Flannigan's Boarders—The Surveying Expedition—Escape of the Tarantulas

The journey west by stage has ended. Sam and Orion arrive in Carson City. He sees a gunfight, the afternoon wind storm, and the native tarantulas. The local architecture also provides Sam with some entertainment.


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I'm really enjoying reading your blog, looking at your photos and listening to you reading Mark Twain. Your intelligence really shines through!

Submitted by scott on

I have reworked the video for this chapter. I've become more unsatisfied with my reading but I don't have the time to re-record it, and I haven't been able to return to Second Life since last October. This chapter now has a single video. Originally YouTube limited the length I was allowed to publish. The video portion was created using Kdenlive but the final audio/video file was made with Open Shot. I had recently been using Kdenlive exclusively but for some reason the audio portion has become distorted during the rendering process.