Roughing It - Chapter 22


Roughing It - Chapter 22
The Son of a Nabob—Start for Lake Tahoe—Splendor of the Views—Trip on the Lake—Camping Out—Reinvigorating Climate—Clearing a Tract of Land—Securing a Title—Outhouse and Fences

Sam Clemens and friend arrive for the first time at Lake Tahoe. He claims there couldn't have been more than 15 people around the lake then. Now that's something I'd like to experience sometime. He is not at all clear on where he is exactly and there is some controversy about his camps location. The principal exponents of the two main arguments are David Antonucci and Bob Stewart. Mr Stewart has advised me he is working on a book involving gun fights, tarantulas and other features found in chapters 21, 22 and 23 of Roughing It. Mr. Antonucci has also written a book on Twain at Tahoe, "Fairest Picture – Mark Twain at Lake Tahoe,". Its available on Amazon. The US Board on Geographic Names rejected the naming proposal.

I found I needed to rerecord the audio track as my timing was off too much of the time in my original recording, done in 2011. The video portion was done using the Kdentive program, the audio using Audacity.


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