Roughing It - Chapter 28


Roughing It - Chapter 28
Arrive at the Mountains—Building Our Cabin—My First Prospecting Tour—My First Gold Mine—Pockets Filled With Treasures—Filtering the News to My Companions—The Bubble Pricked—All Not Gold That Glitters

Mark arrives in Unionville and takes up prospecting. His preconceived ideas about mining melt away when he is informed that his discovery of gold is mere mica. This does result in some philosophic gold, however, as he remarks that "I still go on underrating men of gold and glorifying men of mica".

This recording is actually created from two recording sessions, the second part is a "studio" recording. The screen capture program that was used to record both the audio and video tracks from the live reading crashed before the chapter was completed. The live reading also continued on with chapters 29 and 30 but they were performed again at The Deck on May 5.


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