Roughing It - Chapter 30


Roughing It - Chapter 30
Disinterested Friends—How "Feet" Were Sold—We Quit Tunnelling—A Trip to Esmeralda—My Companions—An Indian Prophesy—A Flood—Our Quarters During It

We never touched our tunnel or our shaft again. Why? Because we judged that we had learned the real secret of success in silver mining—which was, not to mine the silver ourselves by the sweat of our brows and the labor of our hands, but to sell the ledges to the dull slaves of toil and let them do the mining!

Mark and friends wind up stranded in Honey Lake Smith's Inn due to the flooding of the Carson River.

This was originally presented at Fate Gardens on May 3 but the screen capture program crashed after approximately 1/2 hour. At this time I started recording the audio track separate from the screen capture program, which is now set to capture only the video. The audio option is turned off. I found mention of this in various sites on the web but no solution.

The latest video for this chapter does not use the video track from Second Life.


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