Roughing It - Chapter 4


Roughing It - Chapter 4
Making Our Bed—Assaults by the Unabridged—At a Station—Our Driver a Great and Shining Dignitary—Strange Place for a Frontyard—Accommodations—Double Portraits—An Heirloom—Our Worthy Landlord—"Fixings and Things"—An Exile—Slumgullion—A Well Furnished Table—The Landlord Astonished—Table Etiquette—Wild Mexican Mules—Stage-coaching and Railroading

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Submitted by scott on

I'm using my original reading recording for the audio. The more I listen to it the less satisfied I am with it. I do hope I've improved my timing since then. The video is new, though, and displays the stage route through Nebraska ending at Fort Kearney.