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Sand Hill Station, Nebraska - Pony Express

This site is probably located one and one-half miles south of Kenesaw. [99] Franzwa suggests "probable" and "possible" sites for Sand Hill or Summit Station. [100] Sand Hill and Summit remain the most popular names for this probable relay station and stage stop, but sources also identify it as Water Hole and Fairfield. [101] Mabel Loving and Roy Bloss refer to Fairfield as the next station after Summit (Sand Hill). [102] However, Mattes and Henderson suggest that the Fairfield, identified by Pony Express rider William Campbell, is the same as Sand Hill or Summit. 103]

Franzwa places the "probable" station site near Summit Springs, which suggests the origin of one of its well-known names. The nearby sandy wagon road gave the station its other name of Sand Hill. Apparently, in 1864, the station was destroyed by Indians and ended all stagecoach use of the station. [104]

I plotted Kenesaw

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