Roughing It - Chapter 16


Roughing It - Chapter 16
The Mormon Bible—Proofs of its Divinity—Plagiarism of its Authors—Story of Nephi—Wonderful Battle—Kilkenny Cats Outdone

I found this chapter to be too tedious to read in public. It is included here for the sake of providing the entire edition of Roughing It, as printed in the first edition. This chapter is merely Mark criticizing portions of the Mormon Bible with very large portions quoted. I would have read his sardonic portions but the "quoted" portions were just too long.


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I consider this chapter to be almost entirely stuffing. Twain got paid by the word and most of these words are not even his own. I haven't actually verified this has I've never read the Mormon bible. But then, if this material is not from the Mormon bible it is possibly the most tedious stuff he ever wrote. So I'm not going to do anything more with it.